About RMA Tavern

The Cheltenham Festival is part of British tradition, and arguably the greatest horse racing event in the world. This site is thus created to contribute to the everlasting festival, seeking to make it even better.

This site does that by roping in new and seasoned festival-goers to a round table where some of the festival’s most important stories are told. It aims to celebrate the great, as well as remember the low moments in a bid to help avoid them in future.

There are numerous articles on the site designed to achieve this. They are grouped into the following sections.

Cheltenham History

The great races have been taking place for around a century- yes, a hundred years of annual racing. During that time, some races have changed, others have maintained their basic form, and new ones have been introduced.

All these bits of evolution are accurately described in this section.

The Races

One of the things that make the Cheltenham festival great is the sheer number of races run over the four days. These races vary in length, grading, rewards, age of participating horses, experience and so much more. The articles about races go into detail about each race.

They explain the specific nature of the race, the course it is run on, the best horses, trainers and jockeys that have dominated each. They also touch on the popularity of each race among spectators and bettors and name the best houses where you can place bets.

Reading the articles on this site will make allow you to be well-informed before you attend the next festival. You really want that, don’t you?