Injuries at the 2020 Cheltenham Festival

The Cheltenham Festival of 2020 was a four-day event that ended successfully despite the occurrence of some fatal injuries to both horses and jockeys, some leading to death. Most sporting activities result in injuries, and this horse race festival in England was not an exception. Some of the competing individuals and horses that developed injuries include the following.

Copper Gone West

Copper Gone West is a racehorse foaled in April 2013 and owned jointly by Mrs Loise Bowtell and Mr Paul Bowtell. The mare was participating in the 2020 Cheltenham Festival and got a fatal injury which the horse succumbed to on the third day of the occasion. Tim Vaughan was her trainer, and she was the first horse to die in this year’s event. At the time of the mare’s death, she was aged seven and was being ridden by Alans Johns.

Richard Johnson

Richard is a jockey who took part in the 2020 Cheltenham Festival, although his racing activity was cut short on the first day of the event due to an injury. The injury was not so bad although it needed medical intervention; hence he was taken to hospital for treatment. The jockey was unseated as his horse was jumping the tenth fence causing the injury.

Paddy Brenman

Paddy Brenman was the Jockey riding Jarveys Plate during this year’s Cheltenham Festival. He fell from his horse on the third fence in the Novices’ Handicap Chase and injured himself. The jockey was rushed to the hospital immediately, and X-ray images were taken.

Daniel Muscutt

Daniel Muscutt is one of the jockeys who had bad luck and injured himself during the 2020 Cheltenham Festival. Pico Boulevard, the horse he was riding clipped heels with a horse in front falling to the ground. As a result, Daniel was thrown forward, landing on his back and neck, causing the injury.