Race types and jump race classifications in Cheltenham

Cheltenham is one of the most famous horserace in the world. It is invested carefully about space, races line as well other services to meet all demands of viewers when they come to Cheltenham.

In this article, we collect information about race types and jump race classifications in Cheltenham. If you tend to visit this international horserace one time, you should follow our article to see which type of horserace is suitable for your exploring.

At Cheltenham racecourse, there are some different race types as following which is determined and approved by the National Hunt season.


The fact that there are no amateur horses, this name of race is only distinguished among experienced horses and inexperienced horses who is on process to practiced and trained for profession. These horses are also licensed and prepared spirit to be ready for races.

In this race, you have opportunity to explore young horses with strength and full of energy. They are ready to compete other rivals fast and effectively.


This is a title to serve for more professional horses which are considered and approved to join this employed course.

This race is highly appreciated as the most prestigious title at Cheltenham Festival. All races horses are determined goal to join this league at least one time in their races career.

After series of brilliant races, we will find only winner for the Gold Cup.


This type will limit quantity of horses through some conditions, depending on other characters of tournament, the federation will offer fixed conditions before register to this race.

For example, the course requires certain conditions about the amount of weight, the age of horse or origin of horse or even the distances for each race lines so on.