Review about Cheltenham festival

The Cheltenham festival is one of the most important events in the national horse race which is organized in Cheltenham racecourse. If you are fan of horse race sport, you should know about this festival. It is one of the most favorite jumping races.

As the rule of national hunt, Cheltenham is held annually every March at the Prestbury park. The truth that it is the first place to be chosen for this festival and it exits and maintains until nowadays. So, you can know why this race is beloved like this.

Racing in Cheltenham before having the Cheltenham festival

Before becoming a place to host for Cheltenham, this race was used to organize some less reputable races from Prestbury Park area to Cleeve Hill. Almost they were series of flat races.

The founder wanted to change this status because he saw Cheltenham racecourse had enough conditions to become a professional race. So they decided to raise budget and establish Cheltenham festival with hopes that it became popular and famous in horse race field.

Racing in Cheltenham after having the Cheltenham festival

The first flat race took place in 1815 in Nottingham Hill in Cheltenham. After one competition, it was welcomed warmly by millions of fans. Then it was organized successfully, it attracted many fans to join it. Estimated that the Cheltenham festival collected about 30,000 people for visiting.

After this first success, Cheltenham racecourse has played a host role for horse race festival which is held annually within four days in March. This race attracts many famous racers from other nations in the work making a special atmosphere as a festival. This is the main reason leading to name “Cheltenham festival”. In the peak racecourse, they welcome about 260,000 audience to visit. Until now, Cheltenham festival is one of the most famous racecourse about horses