RMA Tavern- All Things Cheltenham Festival

The Cheltenham Festival is among the greatest horse racing events, if not the greatest, in the world. It combines a long history and a fantastic atmosphere to create a memorable experience for all racegoers.

This site is created to celebrate the Cheltenham Festival and help you, the reader, understand it in even greater detail. There are articles covering the following.

History and Calendar

This festival is held each year. It happens in March. This has been going on for over a century. There have been ups and downs, all of which have worked to create a great story that is told in this section.

The Races

The great festival had a total of 17 races until 2005 when they were increased. This was after the board decided to increase the number of days in the festival to four. Now each day has a championship race. Each day hosts a total of seven races as there are now 28 races in the competition.

This section of the site goes into detail about the different great races, among them The Queen Mother Champion, Champion Hurdle, Stayers Championship, National Hurdle and the Coral Cup. Read on to gain knowledge about the race lengths, famous horses, jockeys and trainers who have ruled the racecourse over the years.


The number of people travelling to Cheltenham suddenly rises during March. The occurrence of the Cheltenham Festival normally causes this. The number of people travelling by train and bus usually increase in those four days that the festival takes place. There is an average attendance of about 65,000 people in the four festival days.

Read on for even more details about attendance, including how the popularity of the festival goes beyond just attending and spills into betting and its thrill. Also, find out where you can bet on the various Cheltenham races.

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