The Cross Country Chase

This National Hunt Chase is open to all the horses of the age of 5 years and above. The race is run as a conditions race. It was a handicap race until 2016 when it was changed into what it is up to date.

Unique Race

This is the only race in the Cheltenham Festival that takes place on the cross country course. Horses in this race compete over a distance of about 6 kilometres. This superb race has 32 obstacles within this distance that the horses need to clear. The obstacles are a real challenge in this race as they force some of the horses to slow down in the competition.

This steeplechase type of race has been happening since its introduction in 2005. This race was introduced after there was an additional day on the Cheltenham Festival. The festival had then turned into a 4-day festival and required six races in each day of the competition. The Cross Country Chase was one of the five races that were introduced to fill the gap.


Glenfarclas currently sponsor the race. The race has a high purse of about £65,000. This amount has been increasing as the race gains popularity over the years. The winner of this race gets to walk home with a prize reward of £40,235. Easysland is the new champion in this race after he became the winner of the 2020 race.

The race has already had great moments within the short period it has been taking place. Some horses and jockeys have already started dominating this race. The horses who have gained a lot of success in the competition have a total of two wins each. These are Garde Champetre, Balthazar King and Tiger Roll. The most successful jockey is Nina Carberry, with a total of 4 wins. The most successful trainer in this cross country race is Enda Bolger, with a total of 5 wins.